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Wallacy - a gamified multi-chain crypto wallet

  • A completely new experience in crypto wallets.
  • Join daily play-and-earn game tournaments.
  • Seamless swapping and cross-chain bridging.
  • Claim WLP Points and Wallacy Rewards Hub.
  • Stake ETH, USDC, USDT in 17 high-APR farming pools.
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Become Wallacy Advocators!

You earn Wallacy Loyalty Points (WLP) for daily activities on Wallacy like daily check-ins, swaps, play games, and own NFTs.

Wallacy Swap: 4x audited multi-chain liquidity aggregator

Cross-chain swaps - bridge with just one click, offering the best prices across the network, along with easy tracking through notes and history.

Turning your gaming skill into your extra income

Participate in exciting and competitive Wallacy tournaments, compete with other players, and win big prizepool.

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Enjoy high-interest
Farming Pool

Explore diversity with 17 farming pools across 6 chains.

Maximize profits with attractive APYs from 5%-20%.

Minimize impermanent loss risk by utilizing only one primary coin/token.

Discover Wallacy Rewards Hub

Claim 3 free daily spins and participate in our monthly campaign to unlock #ETH #BNB #Matic #USDT and other popular tokens in the Wallacy Rewards Hub.

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Completely Non-Custodial

Puts your data & assets in your own hands

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