Give-away: Crab-Warrior NFT
Thursday, Jun 08, 2023
Airdrop Announcement


🎮  Introducing Crab-Warrior NFT, a key to access Wallacy Rewarding Hub in July 🎮


After claiming this Giveaway: Crab-Warrior NFT , go to Wallacy Wallet ( , to obtain the Crab-Warrior Rank on Wallacy Discord server.

The current rank system on Wallacy Discord includes the following:

  • Lvl.1 - Fearless Shrimp 🦐 (Verify to receive the rank)
  • Lvl.2 - Crab Warrior 🦀 (Required to own Crab-Warrior NFT)
  • Lvl.3 - Oracle Octopus 🐙 (Coming soon)
  • Lvl.4 - Lucky Fish 🐠 (Coming soon)

When you have Crab-Warrior Role, you have a chance to enjoy our retroactive campaign will be published soon in July.

🧾Guide to get the Crab Warrior Role and Register to our Rewards🧾

  1. Claim & Own Crab-Warrior NFT by doing all the tasks via Crab-Warrior NFT by Wallacy Wallet | Galxe .
  2. Claim your Crab Warrior 🦀 role on Wallacy wallet’s Discord via Wallacy Wallet on (only for those who Claim & Own Crab-Warrior NFT).
  3. Download Wallacy Wallet via Download Wallacy Wallet | iOS, Android
  4. Create/Import your wallet to Wallacy Wallet. Instruction for Creating or Importing
  5. Go to this channel #🦀crab-warrior-wallet🦀 on Wallacy Wallet’s Discord server to paste your wallet address that is Created/Imported to the Wallacy wallet.


  • 3,000 NFT will be given away on Galxe FCFS.
  • Claim Crab Warrior 🦀 on Wallacy Wallet on .
  • Details of awards will be announced both on Twitter and Discord after Wallacy Reward Hub is launched. Follow our Twitter and join our Discords to attend more events!

Wallacy Wallet website: Here

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