Tuesday, Aug 08, 2023

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Wallacy Wallet is honored to announce that we have recently joined forces with Hatten Group. This collaboration brings together two innovative platforms that share a common vision and opens up exciting opportunities for both sides.

Hatten Group is known as a Vietnam-based marketing company specializing in GameFi products. With over a year of experience working with various Web3 projects, they have established a strong community of players and cooperated with many community parties and guilds. Besides, they also diversify services for members from all over the community not only Vietnam but also global such as: Hatten Research, Hatten Media, etc.

Hatten team consists of dedicated and passionate professionals who have deep knowledge and expertise in the field of Web3. They understand the intricacies of the Web3 platform and work closely with clients to develop and execute the most effective and efficient tailored marketing strategies. As a result, this strenthens their position as a trusted partner of Wallacy.

In return for that, not just a crypto wallet, Wallacy with the integration of thrilling casual games promises to bring an interesting entertainment playground for users in general and Hatten Group community in particular.

The fun never stops here. Let’s make this August a memorable month with our new partnership. Show the heat of Wallacy and stay tuned for more exciting news!

About Hatten Group:

Hatten Group is a company specializing in providing marketing services for Web3 projects and products. With the community at its core, Hatten wants to be able to create a playground for communities around the world so that they can bring many quality projects to web3 communities. 

➡️ Learn more about Hatten Group

About Wallacy Wallet:

Wallacy is a hybrid and gamified crypto wallet that not only offers secure management of crypto assets but also delivers easy and enjoyable experiences to help users explore the potential of the crypto world.

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