Wallacy Game NFT Collection - The first campaign on Rewards Hub
Wednesday, Aug 16, 2023
Airdrop Rewards Hub


We’re thrilled to inform that Wallacy Mainnet Rewards Hub featuring a prize pool of $100,000 is now live! To celebrate this memorable milestone, we would like to introduce the first NFT collection campaign in Rewards Hub named “Wallacy Game NFT Collection 01.”

Mechanism of NFT Collection Campaigns

It can be said that NFT Collection campaigns form an important part of the Rewards Hub, promising tons of exciting rewards. And here’s how it works: 
✔️ Gather the required NFTs for a campaign by completing tasks on platforms such as Galxe and Soquest.
✔️ Combine them for a chance to get valuable rewards. They can be a brand-new NFT, free turns in Lucky Spin, tokens as well as other high-value prizes.

Wallacy Game NFT Collection 01 Campaign

Prize Pool: 900 MATIC


To win this campaign, you are required to have the following 3 Wallacy NFTs:

✔️ Rewards Hub Mainnet NFT: https://galxe.com/wallacywallet/campaign/GCV2ZUjGsV  

✔️ Brick Breaker NFT: https://galxe.com/wallacywallet/campaign/GCKMTUjZxH  

✔️ Block Touch Plus NFT: https://galxe.com/wallacywallet/campaign/GCmU5UjTYZ  

How to Win?

STEP 1: Install Wallacy Wallet mobile App: https://wallacy.io/download/

STEP 2: Create a new wallet or import your existing one

Note that if you already owned Wallacy NFTs on Galxe, we recommend you to import that Galxe wallet address into Wallacy to perform tasks and help us record your NFTs. 

import wallet (2).png

STEP 3: Select “Rewards” button on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

Now you will see the Rewards Hub interface, scroll down and there we are! Don’t forget to Checkin daily to get free turns for Lucky Spin!

STEP 4: Collect all required NFTs

✔️ Click “Join Now” button

✔️ Our system will check whether you owned these NFTs or not.

  • If all NFTs are green-ticked, you are eligible for claiming phase.
  • The missing NFTs will be marked with a red X. Please click “Link” button to navigate to Galxe and complete tasks for receiving that NFT.

STEP 5: Kindly wait until claim time and claim as soon as possible because the rewards are on a first-come, first-served basis (FCFS).

Hey fam, you’re now all set with the intructions for our first campaign on Wallacy Rewards Hub. Join the action-packed Wallacy Game NFT Collection Campaign now and seize the chance to earn valuable rewards! 

Don’t forget to follow our social media channels to get the latest updates on Wallacy Wallet!


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